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WELCOME! We are happy you are taking time to visit our Prevost Community web site. This site is open to anyone that owns, drives, or has an interest in a Prevost Conversion. If you have a professional motorhome conversion, drive or own an entertainer conversion, or if you have or are building your own conversion, we hope you will bookmark and use this site to help make your Prevost experience a good one.

You do not have to register to view any part of this site, including the forum. But we do encourage you to not only register as a member of the site, but to actively participate in the forum and any activities of Prevost Community members. If you register as a Prevost Community member you will be able to do searches and post to the forum. But the best reason to register as a member of the Prevost Community is to take advantage of offers and discounts for goods and services by Prevost and other advertisers. These will not be available unless you are a registered member and logged in to the website. Vistors to the site will not see all the discounts offered to this Prevost owners group. and will miss the opportunity to see discounts for the Prevost-stuff which now includes tires, fuel, parts and resorts.

We only have a few rules for the site. We cannot allow nasty or crude behavior. So please be nice. Discussions relating to politics, religion or other sensitive topics will not be allowed. There are plenty of other places on the internet to participate in those discussions. If you have questions, comments or advice feel free to contact us. 

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