DDEC Engine Blink Codes - Pre 2000 Without Information Center

A. Turn the ignition key to the start position, but do not start the coach B. Immediately to the right of the ignition key is the red engine override switch (may be in different location). Press it once and release.  C. This will begin the DDEC diagnostic. A code is interpreted by a series of flashes. The red stop engine light will show you active codes. The yellow check engine light will show you historical codes. All codes have two digits. So, after you follow the steps above you see the red light flash two times quickly followed by a b..


Long before most problems with our coaches emerge we often get clues and signals something is happening. It is up to us to recognize what is happening by paying attention to what the coach is telling us.

Your Coach Tires

Do we really give our tires the respect they deserve? They affect our handling, ride, and safety.


We often discuss zeroing out a coach, but never get into the details of what is included, the cost and why to do it. This article should help a coach owner make decisions relating to zeroing out his coach.


If you need to repair a Ramco mirror or want to disassemble it for replating this article will show you what is going to be involved.

PREVOST SELECTION Narrowing the Choice

This article is aimed at and will benefit first time Prevost buyers. Buying your first Prevost is both scary and exciting. The article attempts to make the buyer aware of things that need to be considered.

Prevost Coaches and Crickets

If you ever want to carry a four wheel cart, but don't think you have a way to bring it with you, here is a solution to your problem.

Door Window Replacement

This article shows the procedure for replacing windows on the H345 and XLII coaches that have thermopane windows that have been boded in place.

Prevost Appraisals

Far too often we have a need for a coach appraisal and end up being frustrated due to the lack of appraisers actually qualified to provide and accurate appraisal. This article may help, plus it gives a few tips about insurance.

RC7 GS Instructions

This article was written by a Monaco owner some time back. I found it very useful when I owned a SOB coach with a RC7 GS inverter controller. Regardless of brand, it contains some useful recommendations for generic inverter settings. Les Stallings South of Nashville

Obsolete Lighted Toggle Switch Repair

I recently had a need to replace several Lighted Toggle Switches, but to my dismay, I found they were no longer available. With some parts off of new switches, I found a way to repair the ones I have. This atricle documents that process.

Millennium Magazine Issue 27

Take a peak at our latest Millennium Magazine! This latest issue features our 2015 Open House Rally- full of fun, food and great friends!

Millennium's First Quarter is a Huge Success

Sanford, FL., March 19, 2015 – With the start of 2015, Millennium Luxury Coaches garnered great success at the 2015 Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa. It was an impressive showing by Millennium fans that crowded around to see the 110 inch widescreen video wall, complete with invisible speakers, and to then take tours of new coaches on display.

Millennium Magazine - Issue 25

Millennium Magazine Issue 25 - Millennium Creates Synergy with Lutron and Savant, two Home Automation Powerhouses Getting Light Right- behind the scenes look at Millennium's Light Weight Program

Millennium Issue 22

Millennium Luxury Coaches Magazine. Heating things up with Aqua Hot Prevost AWARE Keeping you safe on the highway Key West Bound Escape the Cold


This article provides detail instructions on what to do if you hear air escaping when the emergency brakes are released or if there is a continuous loss of air pressure with the emergency brake off.

Millennium Magazine – Issue 20

Leading the Industry – Millennium Teams with Savant to Reveal Revolutionary Advancements in Home Automation Get your Grill On – Tips and Recipes to Spice up Your Barbecue Destination – Creed Colorado! And More!

Prevost Lifestyle

This is primarily advice for "newbies" to help guide them into their first Prevost conversion so they might enjoy their Prevost Lifestyle.

Motor Home Fuel Economy

This article by Caterpillar is very relevant to our motor home conversions in the information contained relating to fuel economy. It was made available my Mark Monson. Thanks Mark.

Painting Your Bus

Well actually this is not about painting the whole bus, but does cover repairs to the paint on the bus.

Annual Inspection

12,000 Mile/Annual Service Sheet 1. Check batteries for charge and fluid level. Put on charge as needed. 2.  Drain engine oil and take a sample if you have an established program. 3.  Replace engine oil filter being certain to prime filter. 4.  Replace primary and secondary fuel filters - prime before installation. 5.  Check driveshaft flanges for loose bolts or u-joints. 6.  Check for oil leaks from engine, transmission and differential. 7.  Adjust drive axle brake stroke to D.O.T. recommended values. 8.  Adjust tag axle brake stroke to..

Prevost Hub Seal Replacement

Hub seals periodically need replacement. It is not a particularly complex job, but does require some tools, chassis supports and a willingness to get greasy.

Millennium Luxury Coaches DEF Inlet Modification Stands Up To Prevost Inspections; Sets the groundwork for Prevost engineers to develop an OEM solution for their entire product line.

SANFORD, Florida – December 19th, 2012 – Prevost engineers & management were recently present at Millennium Luxury Coaches’ manufacturing and sales facility in Central Florida for an inspection and review of the company’s controversial modification to relocate the Diesel Exhaust Fluid inlet to the drivers side of the coach.

Routine Chassis Inspection

Before departing on a trip we need to know if our coach is in good condition for the trip. This short checklist is a good way to verify the health of your coach. You may want to use it as written, or maybe create one for your specific coach using this as a guide

Pre-Departure Checklist

This is a good way to remember all the little things that need to be done before we start rolling down the highway. You can use this as written, or use it as a guide to one you create for your specific coach.

Millennium Magazine - Issue 17

In this Issue: Stress Free Entertaining, RV Towing, Roof Airs, A Grand Canyon Adventure, Favorite Features, Letter From The Editor and New Inventory.

Mirrored Handle Replacement Procedure

This white paper/procedure has been prepared for the benefit of those interested in removing and replacing the mirrored handles found on mirrored doors in Liberty conversions.

Now I Own A Prevost....Help

This is a very brief overview of how to stay out of most trouble with your new Prevost. There really is more to it than being able to find the key.

SCS R-VAC 2702 Reference Manual

I did not have this in my Vantare' Library. This was not found on line. This manual will help you understand the R-VAC system. Most helpful is the systems check and trouble shooting info.

Sleeper Sofa Upgrades

For both new conversions as well as remodel projects, Marathon Coach offers a wide variety of sleeper sofa styles.

HID Xenon Headlights

The Marathon Coach Service Department compared a motorcoach with an HID Xenon headlight upgrade to a motorcoach with standeard headlights. Take a look at the results.

Prevost Problem Preparedness

We never want problems, but eventually we may encounter some. The best way to deal with problems is to be prepared for them before they occur. Here are some tips.

Prevost Cost of Ownership

Our coaches may be considered "million mile" coaches, but that desn't mean there are not costs associated with reaching that milestone. Buying a Prevost coach is just part of the cost of ownership. If you are looking for your first Prevost read this to help understand what ownership will really cost.

Prevost Air Systems

This is a short overview of the air systems we will find on our coaches. It is intended to help owners understand what the air systems do, and how to verify they are functioning properly.

Prevost Fan Clutch Replacemet

Replacing the fan clutch on a 1997 XL is not difficult if you stip it down before trying to lift it out. This procedure may work for other vintage coaches, or at least provide some tips to simplify the job.

Alaskan Adventure Slideshow

Millennium owners Tom & Jane Karlston share pictures from their recent Alaskan Adventure. You can read the story of the couple heading North in their Prevost for the trip of a lifetime in Issue 15 of Millennium Magazine.

Millennium Magazine - Issue 15

In this Issue: The Boortz Bus, On the Move with Neal Boortz, The Great Alaskan Adventure, Some of our Favorite Features, Power Tech Generators, Finicky-est Friends, letter from the Editor, and New Inventory.

Millennium Welcomes Ken & Melodie Robertson

Millennium Welcomes Ken & Melodie Robertson, the newest members of our Sales Team! With over 60 years of RV sales experience between them, chances are you probably know them already. But if not, here's a little more about one of the industry's favorite couples.

Millennium Magazine - Issue 14

Millennium Welcomes PGA Tour Veterans Letter from the Editor - New Year's Resolutions iSecure - We've got you Covered Tellico Ridges Luxury Motorcoach Resort Entertaining Millennium Style River Landings - Green Living New Inventory Chart you Course for Hearthside Grove

New iSecure Coach Security System for Prevosts

The new iSecure Coach Security system combines intruder prevention, theft deterrence and live video monitoring, with the ease and convenience of wireless connectivity, for the Ultimate in Coach Peace of Mind.

Prevost Leveling System Diagnosis

This is an article you can copy and carry in the bus to help you understand what might be happening if your Level Low system is not performing as it should.

Millennium Magazine - Issue 13

Letter from the Editor, Gold Rush Trailers – Custom built for you, Millennium Homecoming Rally 2011 Pictures, Heritage Motor Coach Resort & Marina, Air Force One – Stress Free Towing, Connections, Entertaining Millennium Style!

Millennium Magazine - Issue 12

Letter from the Editor, Ribbon Cutting - Millennium Celebrates with Family, Friends and local Celebs, Aztec RV Resort - Luxury and Tropical Splendor awaits you, Experience the Adventure - Polar Bear Migration, Connections, Finicky-Est Friends

Living the Good Life

Haven't we all been asked why we RV when you could get there faster by Flying...

New Prevost Services for 2012

As Millennium continues to Grow in 2012, so does our array of Service offerings. From Tune-ups to Remodels, Custom Painting to Coach Storage and Everything in-between, see what Millennium can do for you!

Summer Road Trip

As we prepared for our Summer Road Trip, we paused to reflect on family vacations of yester years...

Millennium Magazine - Issue 11

Letter from the Editor, Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort - A perfect Getaway, Exploring the Navy SEAL Museum, Entertaining Millennium Style, Connections, Finicky-Est Friends

A Commitment to Excellence

The only thing better than owning a one of a kind Millennium is designing and building your very own!

Are you Connected?

Remember the good 'ole days when surfing was done at the beach, tweeting was something birds did, chatting was done over a cup of coffee, post were for holding up fences and a mouse was something you didn't want in your house!

Things are Heating up at Millennium!

It's been a busy summer here at Millennium Luxury Coaches. With sales and custom orders at an all time high, we've added 5 extra production slots for the 2011 model year.

Prevost Slide Seal Replacement

Curious about what is involved in replacing your slide seal? This is how three amateurs went about replacing a seal.

Good Links

Here are a few links that will offer some great general knowledge.

Electronic Monitor

Some times we get a warning light about high or low voltages or a battery imbalance. Those warnings come from the Electronic Monitor.

Prevost Maintenance Schedule

PREVOST CONVERTED COACH MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE COACH MILEAGE_________________DATE_____________HOURS_______________ PREVOST COACH TASK                                                          &n..

Spend a Saturday With Your Coach

Spend a Saturday With Your Coach             Just imagine it is a rainy Saturday, no golfing, and nothing to do. It’s a great opportunity to play with the bus. You can accomplish a lot even if you don’t have a 5 foot Snap-On tool box or mechanical skills. Crank up the radio, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to play with your coach without burning a gallon of fuel or getting real dirty. There are a lot of things that are always worth doing but we never seem to t..